Professional IP camera 360*

Hi all,
I need to buy a new external professional IP camera 360*, please could you advise me a brand that I can integrate with HA without any problem?
Thanks a lot in advance!

You’d need to get some unifi kit to be able to use them and use this HA integration

How much is your budget?

Thanks a lot for your feedback!
I’m also checking Reolink camera, do you know if they works with HA?
Thanks again!

Max € 500, not more…

Looks like Reolink can supply an RTSP stream:

I’m using this as the minute with RTSP streams and the live view in HA is within 0.5 seconds of the camera

With Reolink’s FE-P camera, do you know if it’ll get integrated with Home Assistant or is it incompatible?

I just bought 2 Reolink FE-Ps and had no issues adding it to Home Assistant trivially. I am still working out the kinks so it’s not so choppy at first and figuring out if I can get some kind of de-fisheyed view somehow.

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Let me know if you figure it out. I picked up a few on black Friday, going to test them out, and if I can’t get it working to my linking in 30 days I’ll just return them. I’m trying to not pony up the money and get the Unifi AI Theta cameras. If the wife doesn’t like the look of the reolink cameras I may end up going with the Theta cameras anyway.

We just got a dog and need a way to keep track of him throughout the day.

The stream does not work on HA reolink integration with FE-P camera. Everything else seems fine.

Hi. Did you figured anything to dewarp/de-disheye the image?
I’m happy with the stream quality and fluidity but wish the image was somehow useable in HA…

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