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Hi guys,
my name is Heli and I am the Sysadmin in an municipality with 15 buildings (4 shools) a hand full pv-sites and a huge infrastructure behind in each building (KNX, Watermeter, heatmeter,……)
We are looking for an complete Energymonitoring System for all of our buildings, and as I am using your great software at home, I thought why not using home assistant! Honestly I think this would be a really nice business model for you!
My questions are:
• Can I use multiple PVs on different buildings (network is no trouble we only have different subnets)?
• Could home assistant meter all the Energy Counters and build it together to one big chart?
• I need to have an energy chart (something like that I put below just with our buildings) for our local energy community where we do exchange energy with all our buildings. So we could provide the energy flow, and some calculated charts on our existing homepage (I would create with grafana canvass but do you know someone who can make out of png an animated svg?)
• Can I unse more than one Energy Chart in home assistant?
• How secure is HAOS can we use it as professional solution?
• Would there be, or could we get professional support? And yes we are willing to pay :wink:

Kind regards

This is not a feature request. Moved. Please read the category descriptions.

The multiple energy charts would probably best be done in Grafana.

sorry and thx for moving

You can do all that with HA without problems I think :wink: I would go with an HA system in each building and then one to interface with all of them for supervision !
Regarding security it’s mainly a question to setup proper logins on it, good passwords :wink:
For professional support good luck as I’m not sure there are much professional companies working with HA (my company here in Switzerland is doing professional HA installations but so far I have seen no one else do that !).

Since Home assistant unfortunately does not support RBAC (role-based access control) so far and the administration of the accesses can thus degenerate into a small nightmare, this could already be a KO criterion for a professional use.

But in principle, Home Assistant should be able to be used as a data logger as you imagine it and the data can be used for a visualization in Home Assistant itself or maybe better Grafana.
How the whole thing can/must be implemented is a design decision that probably needs to be evaluated in more detail. Either you use a separate Home Assistant instance with its own database for each building, if further Smart Home functionalities are required for each building. The data from the different databases can then be displayed together in a Grafana dashboard.
Or you use a central Home Assistant instance for all buildings right from the start. Or as suggested by @vincen a mixture of both.
However, as @vincen also mentioned, it will probably be difficult to get professional (local) support here.

Regarding the Grafana Canvas: Why do you want to convert it to a .PNG file? Actually, canvas panels, like any other Grafana panel, should be easy to embed into a website as an iframe.