Programatically choosing lights/zones and scenes with hue.activate_scene

Using the now deprecated hue.hue_activate_scene api, I could have flows that, based on the time of day, day of week and other conditions called the hue_activate_scene with different actual scenes.

For example, if I walk into a room in the afternoon, it would turn on the lights with a different scene than if it was night time. This was possible because the scene_name was part of the data field:
{"group_name":"Living Room","scene_name":"Relax"}

I could even use a different group name based on the time, so that if it was night time, I would turn on fewer lights than during daytime.

So instead of hard coded names here, I could use something like this:
having set the zone and scene fields earlier in the flow.

With the new hue.activate_scene api, however, we’re supposed to choose the scene like this:

This means hard coding the zone/scene in the Entity field. We’re offered a couple of nice new options, like transition and speed, but we lost possibility to have one node that triggers a scene based on calculations earlier in the flow. At least, I don’t see how to get around this.

Do you have suggestions for how I can have a flow where I trigger different scenes (and possibly zones) based on calculations without creating a bunch of new nodes? Or do I actually need to have separate nodes for each possible scene/zone pair? Having to have 5 nodes to be able to trigger 5 different scenes in each room makes for A LOT of redundant nodes, and a lot of clutter.

You can use variables for all field, the JSON just needs a certain format.