Programmable plug with very high inrush current?


I have some Meross mss310 wifi 240v Australian plugs that I have integrated with Home Assistant. They work great in most cases. I have a Onewheel electric board. These Meross plugs are a great way for me to test the current draw, and turn the board charger off once it is full.

There is quite a large drawback though. The charger when initially turned on has a massive inrush current. SO far it has busted two of the Meross plugs. On one, it blew the capacitor to pieces. The other one, the capacitor just leaked and made it unusable.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a plug that can be automated with Home Assistant, that is better capable to handle this inrush current?

I wondered if it might be worth me modifying the broken Meross plugs to have a better capacitor, but not sure it is worth it, and also, the board is potted into the plug body, so would really require destructive surgery to get the board free to access the capacitor location anyway.

Thanks for any ideas on this.