Programmatically dismissing a persistent notification

Is it possible to programmatically dismiss a persistent notification? Like, one automation sets up a persistent notification. Then, based on a specific trigger (in my case, a state trigger) automatically dismiss.

I’d just like to use it as part of a reminder for checking my mailbox. I have a notification routine for that, but if I should miss the TTS announcement (home) cause I’m in the shower or dismiss the Pushbullet message (away) and then forget about it, I have something to remind me. But if I open the mailbox, I’d like to dismiss the persistent notification because it no longer serves a purpose.

I see there is a service to ‘create’ but I guess what I am looking for is a ‘dismiss’ service. Does one exist? Or is this something that perhaps AppDaemon could do?

A “dismiss” service would be perfect. I was facing the same situation, for a “water the plant” reminder.
I’m curious if somebody already came up with a solution for it.

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I’m looking for the same feature, but for my garage door.

Since 0.47 there’s a dismiss service.

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