Programmers for hire

I am looking for several programmers who can help me customize this system for our business. We are a landlord and we really want to start enabling our tenants to use even basic home automation in our apartment buildings, for example provide, manage and administer different levels of access to different users for things like building entrance, apartment entrance, and ability to collect and analyze data coming in from various locations where this is installed (for example if a single smoke alarm goes off we are not worried, but if several smoke alarms go off in the same building we need an alert).

Any programmers looking for a gig please contact me: [email protected]


Sorry to bother, but have you checked with your insurance company first how these things would be allowed to work?

The smoke alarm thing might require a proprietary solution and not a DIY one. The same applies for door entries as well. You need to have locks which hit some level of standard for security to be eligible for any claims. I hope you understand what I mean.

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Insurance companies in the US don’t care about the means of access