Programming Fakro Window Chain Winder


Has anybody used or is currently using a FAKRO Z-Wave Window Chain Winder 12v (ZWS12)?

I’ve been searching but haven’t been able to find if it’s possible to set up the Chain Winder without a Z-Wave remote.
I have no idea how to send commands without pairing the actions with a Z-wave remote prior.

I would like to purchase one, but the lack of information (and lack of direct electrical plugs) is holding me back.

Any help or links to somewhere explaining this will be greatly appreciated.


This is a very old topic, but in case anyone comes across this like I have done, the Fakro ZWS12 and the equivalent 230volt version are both in Zwave JS and will appear automatically when you include them in your ZWave network.
This was not possible when @Lmaoplane first opened this topic as the old OpenZwave integration did not support it. ZWave-JS does fully support this device, including percentage opening values.
I have two of these devices and the work flawlessly in Home Assistant now, but they are hard to find sometimes as a lot of stores, at least local to me, have stopped stocking Fakro products.
These are a ZWave device and you do need to include them in a ZWave network, and if you do find the ZWS 12 it will run on 12 to 16Volts DC. The black wire is positive and white wire is negative. Just be aware these are not battery operated if you are new looking for them. They need to be wired in.