Progressive HVAC temperature augmentation


I am fairly new to yaml coding, and I am trying to understand if there is a way to program a progressive temperature augmentation for my HVAC.

For example, whenever I am away, I lower the temp to 15° celcius. Then when I come back, the temp ramps up to 21.

It brings out the aux heating because of the high temp difference.

I’d like to automate it by having the temp going up 1 degree incrementially until 21° to lower the odds of using the aux heating, and mainly staying on the heat pump.

Anyone have an idea how I could do that (if it’s do-able).


It’s do-able…

The first thing I would do is to double check that your thermostat doesn’t have a way to disable aux heat being turned on automatically. Do you know the threshold difference that triggers the call for aux instead of heat pump? There may be a setting to change that threshold.

Otherwise, you might want to take a look at some of the “sunrise” light blueprints since they are effectively doing the same thing just with light instead of heat.