Project Connected Home over IP

Though it’s only recently announced, I’m interested in peoples’ opinions & knowledge about Project Connected Home over IP and it’s possibilities in my Home Assistant home.


I wrote the same post here :slight_smile: Amazon, Apple, Google, Zigbee Alliance and board members form working group to develop open standard for smart home devices

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I just switched from X10 / Activehome Pro to Z wave / Hassio. Can I pick technology or what?!?

This might be the bigger news, as it relates to Z-Wave, anyway:

Today’s announcement addresses these concerns with two changes that will be coming in the second half of 2020. First, Silicon Labs will spin off the Z-Wave Alliance into a separate organization to act more like a traditional standards body which will oversee growth while continuing its role in product certification. Along with this, Z-Wave itself will be opened up to allow competitors to develop and manufacture their own radios.

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