Project disappeared from list

Hi all

I have an ESPHome “project” that has disappeared from the project list.
The Esp still works fine, but I don’t see the “project” and cannot edit or update it.

Is there a way to get it back from the Esp or is there any other way to understand why has disappeared?


Have a look in config/esphome/trash if your device yaml file is there move it to config/esphome. That will restore it in the esphome dashboard.


Unfortunately, it’s not there

Do you have a backup you can look in?

They are compressed files you can open with 7zip or similar software.

I have a backup for yesterday and the day before, but I don’t know it’s enough.
Where should I look?
I see a file like xxxxxx_esphome.tar.gz but if I open it, it contains only the file “addon.json”
Is there any other place where to look at?


Nah that’s the addon. Look in the homeassistant.tar.gz archive inside your backup, there will be a data folder in it that should have your esphome folder in it.

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Nope, it’s not there, probably it disappeared before the last backup (I save 3 backups, once a day)

Then there is nothing you can do.

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I mean you could recreate the file from memory and observation of what the existing device exposes to HA. Delete the device from HA. Then burn the new config to the device using USB and add it back to HA.

FYI: I use the Samba backup addon to move backups to my NAS so I can keep them for a month. Might be worth considering. There are other options if you don’t have a NAS, see the list in Option 5 here: Common tasks - Operating System - Home Assistant



I use Google drive backup

I searched for samba backup addon, but I haven’t found.
I have only samba share addon

Is not in the default add-ons. Search the forum and you should find it :slight_smile:

Similar thing happened to me recently - do you know what would have moved it to trash in the first place?

This is what does it: