Project Idea : HA Roku Channel

This post is for that developer out there looking for a cool project to code. :slight_smile:

It occurred to me that People like me have Rokus spread throughout the house and they are all hooked up to TV ready to accept remote input. And Roku has a pretty robust developer API that allows anyone to create private channels for thier OS. Maybe an HA channel would be awesome?

It would be yet another great input device to compliment Alexa, Phones and tablets. It would/could also double as a great dash boardboard screen as most channels can be converted to a screensaver. Having a Home Assistant screensaver showing my information View when a roku goes idle would be killer! Using the remote to then activate a scene in HA would be icing on the cake.

In any event, I’m just a humble idea man. Not enough coding ability to get something of this awesomeness accomplished. I do know that coming up with the right idea isn’t always easy for those that have the coding talent so I’m tossing this out there. Hopefully someone can pick it up.

Here’s some interesting links: - someone built a roku channel to control Hue directly. Seems defunct now but probably a good starting point. - Jump right in.

This would be awesome!! I guess by the looks of things there’s not much interest out there unfortunately :frowning: