Projector Screen with Shelly

Hey, folks.
I’m new to HA. I’ve rewired my RF remote controlled projector to use Shelly 2.5 and configured it in “blinds” config - closest that makes sense. However, this shows the reverse status on my entity, from what I’d want. You see for the blind - open is when they’re raised and closed - when they’re lowered. It’s the opposite for a projector screen.
Any suggestions on how to configure the status accordingly?
I’m also using the HA as a HomeKit bridge. Hopefully changing the status names will show appropriately in the HomeKit too.
Thanks in advance.

There are a couple of options in the settings of Shelly:

  • Swap inputs
  • Reverse directions

Play with them, but I’m not sure if those will give what you need…

Maybe, if you manually configure the shelly with MQTT you can get it. Notice the “position_open” and “position_closed” values.

- platform: mqtt
  name: "Screen"
  command_topic: "shellies/projectorscreen/roller/0/command"
  position_topic: "shellies/projectorscreen/roller/0/pos"
  set_position_topic: "shellies/projectorscreen/roller/0/command/pos"
  payload_available: "true"
  payload_not_available: "false"
  qos: 1
  retain: false
  payload_open: "open"
  payload_close: "close"
  payload_stop: "stop"
  position_open: 0
  position_closed: 100
  optimistic: false

If I reverse the direction than the arrows representing the motion in the app will not point in the correct direction.
I’ll look into mqtt

Any chance you can share the model projector screen and wiring diagram? Im looking to do the same thing.


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This is great. What was the model projector screen? I’m pumped to do the same. I appreciate the help!

I’m using this one. I de-soldered the controller and used the motor wiring on the shelly 2.5.