Propane tank meter. Anyone know what sensor would work?

I have a 250 gallon propane tank. It is ready to accep some type of sensor. The company I got it from is clueless… Anyone have any ideas?

A Google image search is coming up with “Remote Ready” gauges?®+Remote+Ready+gauges&oq=Sr+%26+Jr+R3D®+Remote+Ready+gauges&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUyBggAEEUYOTIHCAEQIRigAdIBCDEwODhqMGo5qAIAsAIA&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

Yes, I found that as well…just not sure I want to spend $75 on the sensor…

It looks like it’s a Hall effect sensor. But I’ve searched hi and low for a source to get one to no avail. This Reddit thread is interesting

If it doesn’t work out to use the existing sensor, I’ve had good luck with the Mopeka sensors on my 30lb tanks for my travel trailer. I think the same sensor works on big tanks (or they have another one that does, can’t remember). Use BT Proxy on an ESPHome device to pick up the signal (I assume the tank isn’t relatively close to your HA server). I had considered trying to make my own, but I’m glad I went with these. I feel the price is pretty reasonable.

People have used weight sensors for this, but that may not be suitable for your tank.

Mopeka has an integration now. Mopeka - Home Assistant

Only for a limited range of sensors.

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Yes, this Mopeka sensor would work- I have a 250 gallon tank. But it’s $150!!!

This is what I have.

I’m using it on a 30lb tank but it says it works on the big tanks too. I think the only real difference is the expensive one has longer range BT. I’ve never tested mine out any real distance because I don’t have the need, but worst case you could put a BT Proxy ESP nearby just to pick it up.

Interesting… ok. $59 is a little better…

Not sure where you are with this. Might want to check this out.

That’s a remote ready gauge.

I have a similar one that I used on my 500 gal tank that I connected to my Remote Ready Gauge (similar to yours)

Bought this solar powered option from MyPropane a couple months ago and it’s been working great. Really easy to install, and best of all, no recurring fees.

They have MQTT integration available too.

Why on earth he didn’t use ESPHome is beyond me. What he does in 200 lines of code you can do in less than 10 lines in ESPHome. But it’s a clever way to put a hall sensor on these propane meters. Another winter project for sure!
$3 for 10 Hall Effect senders