Propane Tank monitoring

Anyone have any great ideas for monitoring propane tank levels? Looking for a solution for 20lbs tanks. Have 3 that get regular usage in my backyard and would be great to know the levels. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks

Has anyone done this and found a way to make it hold up to weather?

I’d like to do something like this for my fireplace 40lb propane tank but I’m worried the rain and bugs may mess with the load cells?

I’ve definitely got my eye on the Mopeka sensors. Nice design: Battery powered, magnetic mount to bottom of the tank, non-invasive level measuring (via ultrasonic), reasonably priced. They have models for both 20 lb grill-type tanks, and for 500-gal bulk tank. (And I need both.)

Looks like there is integration available in Home Assistant to handle these. I’m going to check those out, if & when we get out from under all the snow here.

They use Bluetooth, but I believe that should be quite workable, given that I’ve put Bluetooth Proxy devices all over the place, including nearby the tanks I want to monitor.

Almost makes me want to use propane…ALMOST. i use charcoal lol but this is neat stuff for sure.