Proper format for config UI text

I’m trying to create a card in my main screen to show game dates of a sports team. The card requires the addition of 2 js files, multiple-entity-row and vertical-stack-in-card. I have them in the www folder but getting an error on my card and in the UI Config Editor, the line "type: ‘custom:multiple-entity-row’ " is in red so I assume that is a problem. Do I have the resources section correct?

  - type: js
    url: /local/multiple-entity-row.js?v=1.4.0
  - type: js
    url: /local/vertical-stack-in-card.js?v=0.1.3
title: Home
  - badges:
      - entity: binary_sensor.updater
      - entity: person.sander
      - entity: sun.sun
      - entity: weather.home
        type: weather-forecast
      - entities:
          - light.holiday_lights
          - light.color_1
          - light.color_2
          - light.color_3
          - light.glitter
          - light.lightning
          - sensor.current_led
        show_header_toggle: false
        title: Holiday Lights
        type: entities
      - entities:
          - light.holiday_lights
        type: entities
      - entities: null
      - entity: sensor.stl_blues_date
          entity: sensor.stl_blues_opponent
          name: false
        name: Next Match
        type: 'custom:multiple-entity-row'
      - type: divider
      - entity: sensor.stl_louis_cardinals_date
          entity: sensor.stl_louis_cardinals_opponent
          name: false
        name: Next Game
        type: 'custom:multiple-entity-row'
    type: entities

Looks ok.

Are the .js files directly in the config/www folder (not in sub-directories)?
Have you restarted since creating the www folder?


I can get to the scripts via

Cleared browser cache?