Proposal : Bank of custom addons


Proposal for an idea : to create a page that would aggregate all custom addons.

How it would work : People would be able to submit github repos in the system, which would then automatically sort through all config.json files and extract relevant infos : addon name, version, last github repo modification date, priviledged mode required, options, safety rating…

Benefit : People would then be able to have a single endpoint to find and compare all existing custom addons with informations (version, last update date, ingress support, safety rating,…) to allow them to select the most relevant ones.

What do you think?

Isn’t that what HACS does?

No. HACS is for Custom Components, not Add-ons.

Also, @alexbelgium you should vote for your own FR.

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I like this idea. Typically I just search for “hassio-addon” on GitHub but there can be a better way.

On the HACS page, people just clone the repo list, add their custom component, and the maintainer merges the pull request.

Someone took that and made it into a cool website:

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