Pros and Cons of Controlling Lutron Shades via Homekit Controller

I’m planning to buy the non-Pro Caseta Smart Bridge to control my Lutron wireless shades. Reading up, it sounds like people have had a lot of trouble getting the certificates set up for the Lutron integration. I’m guessing it will be a lot easier to control the shades via the HomeKit Controller, and less likely for Lutron to break the API in the future. This would look like:

(HA) => (HomeKit Controller) => (Caseta Bridge) => (Wireless Shades)

My question is this: Does the HA native Lutron integration offer more features than controlling the shades via HomeKit? Honestly, the only feature I want is the ability to automate raising and lowering the shades at certain times of day. Thanks for your help!

did you ever find your answer? If not check out Lutron - Home Assistant