Proscenic 790T Integration


Hi there! Please, excuse me for any mistakes. English is not my native language. And currently it is 4:04 AM in Bulgaria. Yes, yes … You’re right - Bulgarian is my native language. And PHP. And Swift. Anyway … It doesn’t matter. I just finished Proscenic 790T platform for the vacuum component. Tested! It works well. One advice - If you’re making custom card, please use the ‘vacuum.proscenic_*’ services instead of the default. There is a reason for them to exist and why you should us them instead of the build in ones, but it is a long story, that I don’t have time to explain. This component is controlling the vacuum locally (not trough the cloud platform of the app), but they can coexist and work together very well (without any ‘fight’ between them both). The option for the fan speed is not working for the 790T model (officially it doesn’t support it), but I left it, so it can be used if 811 model supports it. I haven tested it with 811 because I don’t have one. I implemented the code from the official app reverse engineered. There is more to be implemented - like the original, build in the vacuum, week scheduler, but I’ll write this part far in the future when I have enough time for that. Until then you can use Home Assistant automations and scripts or NodeRed for that purpose. Turning left and right (vacuum.proscenic_move_left/right services) are turning in about 30 - 35 degrees and then stop automatically while vacuum.proscenic_move_forward/backward are continuous and they need to be stopped using vacuum.proscenic_move_stop service. I’ve implemented the voice on/off/toggle sevices too (vacuum.proscenic_voice_on,vacuum.proscenic_voice_off, vacuum.proscenic_voice_toggle). I’ve also implemented vacuum.proscenic_clean_auto (default mode), vacuum.proscenic_clean_area (spot), vacuum.proscenic_clean_border modes.

All you need to implement it is to download file below and save it to custom_components\vacuum folder, located in in your config folder (config folder is the folder, where your configuration.yaml file is located). Then restart Home Assistant.

After that in your configuration.yaml file add the vacuum cleaner:

  - platform: proscenic
    name: Vacuum Cleaner
    host: "<your vacuum cleaner ip address>"

*name: not required, but recommended (default value: Proscenic 790T)
*host: required. Replace <your vacuum cleaner ip address> with your vacuum IP address.


      - platform: proscenic
        name: My Vacuum Cleaner
        host: ""

Save the configuration.yaml file, restart Home Assistant and start cleaning your house … :smiley:
Ah … And buy me a beer … Or two beers … :wink:

Regarding Robot Vacuum Control
Add Support For Proscenic Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Example NOT 100% working lovelace card

from_sensors.yaml (2.2 KB)
from_input_slider.yaml (456 Bytes)

from_ui-lovelace.yaml (8.3 KB)

The cheduler is not working and the styles are not finished yet, but you can give it a try and even finish it and share it. This way I can copy it and use it without the need to finish it by myself. :smiley: