Prosegur Alarms Component

I’ve created a Custom Component for Prosegur Home Alarms (sold at least in PT and ES)

Install as usual is copying the files to custom_components

But you can also add the repository to HACS as a custom repository and get notified of updates along the way.

Please, share what works and what does not in the comments below :slight_smile:

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?? what do you mean by this

Prosegur is a Spanish company, I’m aware they operate in Portugal (PT) and Spain (ES)

Hello! Thank you for bringing this integration! However for me only armed away and disarmed work. Armed Home is not working in my case. Is there a way to disarm the home assistant when asking for a code? The error is “Failed to call the service alarm_control_panel/alarm_arm_home. Object of type Status is not JSON serializable” Sorry my english

find me in discord (my handle is the same: dgomes) and we will look into debugging your issue

ok, i need your 4 numbers after # in discord.


Does this integration allow to arm and disarm the alarm? I am considering to move from Securitas to Prosegur, but I would like to make sure that I will be able to manage the alarm status through automations, as well as I currently do with Securitas/Verisure.

Currently that’s the only thing supported (ARM/DISARM)

That’s just what I need. Thanks @dgomes!

I notice that you can disable the 360 Camara in the app, so it has to be just another http request. How did you managed to get those APIs? Rogue acces point? Rooted smartphone?

just analysing the JS from the webpage

I don’t own a 360 camera… :confused:

Aha yes I can see those APIs in one of those two JS files, but I cannot find any of payloads. Can you control your alarm using the webpage?

Ofcourse I can, that’s how I learned about the API :slight_smile:

OK, now it makes sense. I’m using the Spanishn version and they removed the control frontend from it, but not from JS files. The only possibility if you are in Spain is to use the app.