Prosegur Integration

I’ve installed the Prosegur integration and I’m able to set the alarm state through events.

However, I’m having some problems with checking the current state.

In my mind, it should be ‘IF STATE alarm_control_panel.contract_1_yl*** = Armed away or Armed home then…’ But for some reason" this isn’t working.

Any ideas?

I believe that I have the same issue. The integration works for “arm away”, “arm home”, “disarm” through home assistant’s control panel.

The issue is at the time I wish to automate something using a State trigger. I cannot figure out what options and string should I use in order to make it work.

I am posting here as @dgomes suggested me instead of posting to github. Hope someone can help.


Sorry, I only saw it now.

I’ve got it to work. What exactly is your problem? I might be able to help.