Provision ISR - Frigate

I have a Provision ISR 8800 L2 DVR and want to connect the 8 cameras on the DVR along with my other IP cameras to Frigate. I had great success with all the RTSP stream cameras and IP cameras, yet the DVR cameras I am struggling to find the right string to connect it. Any help will be appreciated.

The DVR uses a username and password to login with administrative rights. On the mobile app, I am able to connect to the DVR and it makes use of port 6036. When doing a wireshark and fing scan, the port is “hidden” and only port 80 shows up on the scans.

I am trying RTSP strings and HTTP strings from Connect to Provision cameras to see if with no luck (almost went through all of them now). Further exploring the connection of GOTO RTC with strings from another thread to convert the FFMPEG to MJPEG even with a high CPU overhead as a warning. No luck yet. Below the extract of the code proposed but not connecting.

mjpeg_cam: "ffmpeg:http://IP_OF_DVR:6036/videostream.cgi?user=admin&pwd=password

Other parameters configured only does motion as a minimum

Frigate support is via their github.

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Have you tried “rtsp://[user]:[pass]@[IP]:[port]/profile1” ?
I think the profile1 is the main stream, profile2 is the sub-stream