Proximity integration: Please add a "speed" sensor

This request is regarding the recently updated Proximity integration.

Even though I love the revamp of the existing integration and will start using it immediately, I had a use-case in my head that is not that easy to implement, because it would need a speed sensor.

This is an age old automation idea, where a gate/garage would open based on you approaching your home. I understand the concerns of a lot of people saying you should not automate your security measures, but I still would like to try!

My problem is that this cannot be automated on the direction of travel and distance alone - as there is a big difference if I’m traveling in a car, or approaching my house on foot.

I think adding a speed sensor would be very nice addition. I do acknowledge the fact that in a low-refresh state the speed will not tell you anything. Especially when you change your direction of travel a lot and your position updates only once in a while.

I have, however, set the high accuracy mode (5 seconds) when close to the house (500m radius). At that point, the speed makes sense.

Would be nice if other people feel the same way so we don’t have to do the calculations with template sensors and other means.