Proximity- not set

Hello, apologies if this has benn asked before but I couldn’t see anything on the forums.

I’ve set my phone up with own tracks and am getting Lat/Lon readings in Home Assistant (Hassio on RPi3), which then sets the device tracker state to home.

However I have then set up a proximity sensor and it is constantly set to “Not Set”. Any idea why this is please? And what is Not Set actually defined as? Thanks :smiley:

      - device_tracker.lm_iphone
    tolerance: 1
    unit_of_measurement: mi

I was having the same issue, i couldn’t use the friendly name that i gave my smartphone. If you are using a GPS tracker such as owntracks or GPSLogger, use the device id of your phone from that. If you don’t know how to find that info check your states listing in the UI and find your device it won’t be listed as your MAC