Proximity working with wife's iphone but not mine

New HA user here. I have proximity sensing setup on my and my wife’s iPhone. Her phone works, mine does not. I believe everything is the same with both phones and within HA. I can figure out why mine doesn’t work.

Her phone seems to be working well. She leaves the house, the dashboard immediately shows she’s away. I also have setup a handful of automations and zones She enters another zone and it shows it. When she returns home, porch light automation does it’s thing as expected: the light turns on so she doesn’t walk in the dark.

My iPhone doesn’t get updated to show zone, except home after I’ve been home for a while. When departing, it updates to “away” eventually. It never shows entering another zone and, when returning home, it again eventually shows me home and finally triggers the porch light automation. Not near quickly enough to make it useful. I’m walking into the house in the dark.

I cannot figure out what is different between our two iPhones. I’ve checked everything multiple times. We are both ordinary users in HA (I created a separate user to be the admin/owner of my HA installation).

Her iPhone is a 15, mine is a 13. Both with the same iOS version (17.2). Her phone seems to update HA immediately, mine not so much. Her iPhone updates no matter what network is connected. When off our home wifi, mine seems to update very slowly to show me away but never another zone, making it effectively non-functional.

Can anyone suggest how to figure out what is different between the two phones? Is there some other setting I should check in HA?

It might not be settings in HA, but settings in the iPhone itself.
Check the HA app settings in the iPhones settings app and make sure that especially network, notification and location settings are the same.

Thanks for the nudge to look again at settings on iPhone. The problem was the HA app had added a server when I installed a certificate from Let’s Encript to allow secure.connection when off my local lan. I’m sure I did it without realizing it. On my phone the Home setting was no longer being used on my phone as it was only a local connection (local IP address and insecure). My wife’s phone Home setup was created after I had installed the certificate so it was always using the secure connection. Now both phones are working as expected.
Thank you!