Proxmox: A start job is running for Wait Until Kernel Time Synchronized

I realize others have had a similar issue. My Proxmox machine is rebooting over and over again, after the last message in the console says “A start job is running for Wait Until Kernel Time Synchronized”.

I don’t have a HA backup and I haven’t used Proxmox before (and no idea really how to make regular Proxmox backups). I’ve seen comments about it being network related and that I could re-activate the network instance. But I have no clue how to do that. I never get to the HA prompt before it reboots.

I suspect this happened yesterday, when the ISP had a network-wide issue. After that I can’t access Home Assistant and the Proxmox computer (a Dell Optiplex) just keeps rebooting…

How do I re-activate the network instance? Since it probably has to do with the lost internet connection and now it’s not getting connected before starting HA, or something.

This is how it looks in the console:

Same issue, also with new install via GitHub - tteck/Proxmox: Proxmox Helper Scripts