Proxmox and High Availability - does it work with home assistant

I spent yesterday sorting out the mess I created I now have 3 clustered Proxmox servers (2 reasonable ones and 1 to make the cluster work properly)
I tested yesterday that I can migrate my pi-hole server back and forth - works great

I have been backing up the home assistant instance and restoring on the other host - works great

Issue - Shared storage Zigbee dongle (z2mqtt) and Bluetooth dongle - Is it worth me going down the next step - shared storage and buying extra USB dongles so Home assistant
Has anyone done it


It will be difficult to maintain two zigbee sticks with exactly the same configuration in them. Maybee some kind of usb switch to connect usb devices to active node?
Or even, like datacenters do, usb to tcp/ip bridge.

You would need a zigbee coordinator like the ones that are listed under “Hybrid” or “Network” here:

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Thank you!