Proxmox Install of HassOS - How To Free Up Local-LVM Storage?

I’ve got Home Assistant installed in Proxmox using the HassOS image, but I’ve noticed that my local hard disk consumption continues to grow rapidly in Proxmox. My HA instance believes it is only consuming 30% of the available space, but the actual allocation in the local-lvm storage went from 40GB to 52GB in 3 weeks.

I have no idea what is consuming this space as there is nothing else running on this box other than Proxmox and the HassOS image. What could be causing this?

And more importantly, what can I do to prevent it from filling up? I had the SSD filled accidentally previously when I was running a Windows VM as well, but I’ve removed that and nothing new is active or configured on this device.

Advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Maybe a growing database? What size is your home-assistant_v2.db ?

It’s 2.5GB, but I’ve switched to MySQL in Docker on my NAS. I thought that might of been the problem first, but the HA instance shows 70% of free space available (60GB allocated).

i’m also seeing the same issue, try this: Proxmox storage - #3 by Dominic

doesn’t clear, please can you explain how to?

every day, my local-lvm increase and i don’t know why

same here. I could really use a pointer on how to clear the space or how to automate that process.

I’m wondering if it’s because I’m using an SSD and it’s not automatically trimming or something…

My HA instance previously became unresponsive due to full disk, which I determined was due to Proxmox snapshots filling the space. I’ve disabled that now, so I’m not sure how I will fix once it does fill up local-lvm the next time…