Proxy "loading data" issue

I have a mysterious issue I just can’t figure out.

I have been running HASS behind a reverse Nginx proxy for years now, without problems. Port 443 is exposed on my external network.

Since a couple releases ago (I think since the one that added the “use_x_forwarded_for” feature), this setup is broken. I have of course set up the above mentioned setting as well as trusted_proxies, and there are no errors related to these settings anyhow.

What happens is that I get the “loading data” screen all the time. Sometimes it takes seconds, sometimes minutes, sometimes never. So in most cases, it does finally end up on the HA home screen. This also means there’s no hard block going on. It really appears to be some massive timeout/delay somewhere.

Have had this for a few months now, and it’s very frustrating. Really have no idea where to look now. Been hesitating to post, as it’s such a confusing issue to describe. Any help would be appreciated!

To summarize,

Not working (as in, takes minutes, sometimes does not load at all)

  • Laptop Win10, external network (office)
  • Desktop Win10, internal network to proxy (internal DNS routes to internal IP of the reverse proxy)


  • iPhone Safari, any network
  • iPhone HASS APP, any network
  • Desktop, direct connection to HASS (port 8123)
  • Laptop, 4G through iPhone hotspot

This fixed it for me

Thanks, did not see your reply!
But I now removed the reverse proxy for all my services and run everything behind a Wireguard VPN, zero issues and more secure.