PSA: 2024.5 Upgrade Failure And Dreame Vacuum Custom Integration

Please be advised, this custom integration is currently causing Home Assistant upgrade failures in 2024.5. The author of the custom integration has not fixed the issue. If you are running this integration, remove it before updating to 2024.5 or wait until tasshack fixes the problem in the custom integration.


Please update to v1.0.4 or beta v2.0.0b14 before updating to 2024.5 to avoid the issue outright.

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Issue only affects HA OS users with the stable version of the integration (v1.0.2 and v1.0.3). Installing the Beta version (v2.0.0b14) before upgrading the HA will prevent update failure.

I will also backport some fixes to the stable and release a new version as soon as possible.


Thanks for the details. Keep me posted on the updates and I’ll take this down when the beta is released.

1.0.4 is released and confirmed working , thnx @tasshack

Problem is that there will some people haven’t updated the integration before try upgrading the HA so I think we should keep this I little while. Otherwise integration causes not HA to start and only way to back it up again is to remove the integration folder manually.

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Is there anyone who is willing to tell me in simple words what should i do in order to have HA up and running again? I have Dreame Vaccum integration and i tried to upgrade HA and now all the system is unstable. Thank you so much in advance.

I read it too late. Now if i shut down and restart HA i can have access to it for few minutes while is loading everything but eventually it stop working and i’m not able to update to v1.0.4

Try in that few minutes to disable the integration?

can u explain me how? Noob here…

Ah, ok I missed that. Do not reboot your HA.

Downgrade HA to 2024.4 by plugging in a mouse and keyboard and monitor into your HA.

run ha core update --version 2024.4.4

Then HA will start. Then update dreame before upgrading HA.

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Goto: settings, integration, dreame, disable it there
Then restart HA , and update to 1.0.4

Now i can’t access the settings page anymore (Error while loading page config) but i was able to remove the Dreame card from HACS but probably it’s not the same thing you was asking me to do. Any suggestions?

Then you need to follow Petro instructions

Is there anything i can do via file editor? Like removing a directory? I think Dreame has a directory somewhere, right?

Eventually i was able to access Settings page. I disabled Dreame integration and now it’s working fine. Thank you @pergola.fabio and @petro, I appreciate it.


Have a nice weekend


Command for upgrading the integration to v1.0.4 without HACS.

wget -O - | bash -

Did not see this warning. As for now I never had the problem with updates, this bites me in the ass now, since I am just adding devices and now I have to take care of that :smiley:

It would be very effecient if there would be a warning before updating that there are outstanding updates in HACS or Addons. Now I know, but it would probably help many people and keep your effort low on requests :slight_smile: