PSA: MQTT Name changes in 2023.8

But why has it had to update all the displayed names, which was already in use? Everybody is talking about newly discovered devices. This one is in use for a year, already discovered. It just makes hours of work to update names to be able to display them nicely in a readable format on any dashboard.
This is not user friendly at all that every other release you have to redo all the dashboards, even without using any customisation.

This is not increasing the WAF, the most important user friendliness factor. It just takes away more and more time and pisses off the wife…

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Again, I didn’t make the change, so quit bitching at me. If you want to make decisions in HA, you’re more than welcome to join the discussions on github, just don’t go into the discussions with the attitude that you have because you will be ignored.


It was not bitching at you, as you always feel offended when one has a different opinion.

This whole process is worse then ever regarding communication.

I avoid discord, because you get the least amount of help. Even for a simple question, when you cannot find a straight answer on the forum.

And unfortunately that lack of help, and attitude of “this is an open source project, you can make a PR/write your code/join the beta” brings people to try to solve problems with ChatGPT, etc…

I came here as everyone else who had those warnings and read through the whole topic.

It is lovely to read the warning with an uncurated list of entities which cannot be reproduced elsewhere. (I have 103 devices with 867 entities)…

It is great that you made a PSA, but things are not communicated clearly. Two admins trying to firefight the miscommunication, meanwhile this should be already a blog post and the warning message should have been updated in the latest release.

Name changes should not happen at any level, without user interaction if they have been already in use.

And if NabuCasa is trying to be more user friendly and streamline thing then it shouldn’t make a change which causes that a PSA topic is created with more than 200+ posts.

But please complain about my attitude and do not discuss these things on the next NabuCasa meeting, because it would be too hard in the subject of user friendly changes…


And this shows you didn’t even read the thread. Nabucasa didn’t make the change. And the discussions on github are open to everyone. The only persons you can blame here are volunteers, because yes, this is open source. Shocker.

You want change?

Get involved in the process


Thanks, I will do so, though “this change isn’t impacting you” seems a bit at odds with the big warnings that pop up now after restarts. But everything is working (other than warnings) and I will post a separate topic, thanks.

The Tasmota alternative ESPxx firmware moved away from HASS Discovery to Tasmota Discovery as the alternative significantly reduces memory usage with a single config string payload (and nice stuff like set the device location in Tasmota for auto-discovery - i.e. set up the device; not HASS).

Tasmota discovery works well and includes units for long term stats (e.g. DS18x20 temperature sensors).

Now, the status of the HASS Tasmota integration and the new Entity Naming Standards is a different issue which I’ve not tested in detail (an initial look on a minimal install suggests the core is OK, but additional custom sensors / switches might need tweaks).

EDIT: After some more testing, current Tasmota v13.0.0 and HASS 2023.8 using Tasmota Discovery names entities by concatenating Device Name + Friendly Name 1. If you have several endpoints (e.g. multiple relays, switches, sensors) there can be several Friendly Name x which makes more sense than with only one where it’s not as clear which is which.
TL;DR - Try setting Device Name = “S26” (hardware device or blank), Friendly Name = “Kettle” (thing controlled) and you’ll likely see “S26 Kettle” in HASS.


Thanks for the clear communication about this! Saw the warnings, freaked out a little, searched the problem and landed here. Will be waiting until zigbee2mqtt updates later this year before worrying again.

I mentioned esphome and someone said open a new topic, but I figured out a solution and I think it speaks to the warnings maybe being over-stated so hope this is on point.

In my esphome setup I would have a device like hall_light (in that case with underscope) and would put the name attribute the same, hall_light. The warning appears.

The fix in this case was to make the name “Hall Light” which resulted in the same entity name (it downcases and unscores it, not sure what “it” is that does it).

Other devices I had specifically added the device name to the entity name, e.g. hall_light_led and got a different warning about name prefixed by devices - but that was on purpose. I had to make a similar change (Hall Light LED) to get the warning to go away.

I’m not certain, but I think maybe the naming checks are capturing some false positives from other integrations. Maybe. I fixed all mine, I’m happy and moving on, but adding this note in the hopes it helps someone since this seems the main naming thread.

When will this be fixed? The device name is the name of the manufacturer, not the name of the entity

@Daw34, your posts are getting hidden because you aren’t using english. Please translate your comments to english before posting.

When will this be fixed? The device name is the name of the manufacturer, not the name of the entity. Should I have the name sonoff th lamp because someone came up with the idea that it would combine both names?

I hope this will be resolved soon because it makes a nice mess in HA

There’s nothing for you to fix unless you’re creating the discovery messages. Based on your comments, you’re not creating the discovery, something else is. The first post highlights this. I recommend reading the main post.

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Since there is nothing to fix then tell me why my entity names in HA changed by themselves. And in your opinion I have to change my 100+ entities again?

I wonder why this name? manufacturer in the entity name and who came up with such a senseless idea that I would now rewrite all 5 screens and over 100 entities to them because someone added such a senseless change

Hi Petro, I have an old Gateway with Zigbee2Mqtt installed which cannot be updated to the latest version of Zigbee2Mqtt. This Gateway is configured to comunicate with Mqtt Integration on Home Assistant. Can you confirm that even after April 2024 my devices configured on this Gateway will continue to work regularly with Home Assistant?
I won’t have to change anything in the various automations or scripts?
Sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian

You didn’t read the topic post, did you?

Final Lastly, Your devices will continue to work after the April update, even if the upstream developer doesn’t make the necessary changes. You just might have a duplicate name shown in the UI.

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this breaking changes warning from mqtt freaked the heck out of me, seriously 500+ entities, theyre asking me to fix mroe than 500 entites.

gone to this community forums and i see this sticky thread… and it was a big relief for me. phew.

This is totally unrelated to the topic. Better open a new topic, and include your logs.