PSA: MQTT Name changes in 2023.8

When will this be fixed? The device name is the name of the manufacturer, not the name of the entity. Should I have the name sonoff th lamp because someone came up with the idea that it would combine both names?

I hope this will be resolved soon because it makes a nice mess in HA

There’s nothing for you to fix unless you’re creating the discovery messages. Based on your comments, you’re not creating the discovery, something else is. The first post highlights this. I recommend reading the main post.

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Since there is nothing to fix then tell me why my entity names in HA changed by themselves. And in your opinion I have to change my 100+ entities again?

I wonder why this name? manufacturer in the entity name and who came up with such a senseless idea that I would now rewrite all 5 screens and over 100 entities to them because someone added such a senseless change

Hi Petro, I have an old Gateway with Zigbee2Mqtt installed which cannot be updated to the latest version of Zigbee2Mqtt. This Gateway is configured to comunicate with Mqtt Integration on Home Assistant. Can you confirm that even after April 2024 my devices configured on this Gateway will continue to work regularly with Home Assistant?
I won’t have to change anything in the various automations or scripts?
Sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian

You didn’t read the topic post, did you?

Final Lastly, Your devices will continue to work after the April update, even if the upstream developer doesn’t make the necessary changes. You just might have a duplicate name shown in the UI.

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this breaking changes warning from mqtt freaked the heck out of me, seriously 500+ entities, theyre asking me to fix mroe than 500 entites.

gone to this community forums and i see this sticky thread… and it was a big relief for me. phew.

This is totally unrelated to the topic. Better open a new topic, and include your logs.


Excellent post @petro. Thank you. I found it whilst researching and am finally getting around to working out my flyte/mqtt-io devices. It likes to add “MQTT IO” to the start of my MQTT sprinklers name so that “Back Corner Sprinklers” becomes “MQTT IO Back Corner Sprinklers” and then Alexa gets all upset and says she doesn’t know what that is when I say “Turn on the back corner sprinklers” and then I get upset and shout at her and call her names! :slight_smile:

I override my alexa names using YAML to avoid any breaking changes like that. Pretty sure this can be done via the UI as well. Food for thought.

Yeh, agreed. Will have a further look into things in the fullness of time. Overriding is a good way to go! :slight_smile:

How do you override your Alexa names using YAML, if you don’t mind sharing, that would be really useful to know.

I know you replied to @petro and I don’t mean to butt in, however, perhaps I can help by pointing you to this URL: Alexa configuration.
This is how I originally did mine and also how I just updated some others. You don’t have to define the filters if you want to manage them in the UI. You can just set the entity config for the names if you want to.

It’s really dead-simple.
Be aware, however, that if you define the filtration (include or exclude) in this way, you won’t be able to control it from the UI anymore for those entities.

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The repair issues for MQTT discovered items are going to be removed in 2023.8.4.


In my case, the warnimg messages from Z2M version 1.33.0-1 disappeared.

So far, I haven’t found any anomalies.

Octoprint is also OK (Octoprint HomeAssistant Discovery Plugin to 3.7.0)


Here the warnings are gone too after update 1.33.0-1.

But after updating some of my devices just fell of the network… no clue where to start on how to fix that… so far I discovered 2 devices :unamused:

open a new thread :wink:

Is there nobody on the Home Assistant development team that might consider that people care about long term software compatibility?

People built working systems and then you decide unilaterally it is a good idea to break what it means to be a working system. There is absolutely no excuse ever to do this.

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