PSA: Snips change to MQTT topic

HASS release .60 changes the Snips component to listen to a different MQTT topic, if Snips and HASS are using the same MQTT broker, this will not change anything and everything will continue to work.

The only chance this can break something is if you have an MQTT bridge between HASS and Snips and were bridging the specific mqtt topic like this:

topic hermes/nlu/intentParsed out

You will need to change this to this:

topic hermes/intent/# out

As a side note, if Snips and HASS are on different systems you should set up bridging. Snips uses MQTT to send raw audio data so if you have snips sending data to an MQTT broker on another machine you are generating a lot of network traffic.

So one of the really nice things with this is you can now use the dialog feature. Here is an example of me having a back and forth with Snips. The intent is parsed at the very beginning “Set a time” which fired the intentParsed topic we previously listened on but snips doesn’t have a required slot value so it asks for it. I give some babbling to have it ask again. The actually intent topic is only then fired to HASS once all the information needed is retrieved.

Let me know if you have any questions, but if you know enough to set up bridging for MQTT you are probably fine :slight_smile: