PSA: Tasker's time triggers may be interfering with the "Next Alarm" sensor of the companion app

I recently encountered a frustrating bug in which the Companion App’s “Next Alarm” trigger was not updating itself to reflect my morning alarm until immediately before that alarm, which caused automations that were meant to run 20 minutes in advance to not trigger.

I eventually realized when I set the Android app Tasker to run a task “every 10 minutes,” it used the Android AlarmManager API to do so, so the Companion App believed that my “next alarm” was the Tasker “alarm” and therefore ignored it. This was a pain to troubleshoot, so I’m posting my experience here for the benefit of anyone else who encounters it.

Did you tell the developer that they are using the API incorrectly?

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This is the very reason why the allow list exists and why the sensor has a package attribute. Android only reports the next alarm and nothing else so you can’t get future events because you only get the next alarm thats scheduled to go off and nothing else. The developer may be using the API correctly if they require to be woken up at a specific time. Tasker however uses a service to run in teh background so using a job schedule or handler may suffice. For the app all we can do is read and send updates based on the API value.

This Tasker behaviour is controlled by the setting Use Reliable Alarms per Tasker: Android System Power Management.