PSA: Tuya IoT Configuration

Just in case someone else runs into this. On Feb 1st I lost all of my Tuya devices in HomeAssistant. I tried and tried to reset them up until I realized that on the form, where it asks you for your IoT access and secrets, the username and passwords are NOT for the IoT platform but for the SmartLife App.

The form is uniform and now that I think about it, it doesn’t make sense to ask for a access/secret combo AND the username/password for the same access. The documentation on Tuya - Home Assistant does say that it’s a smartlife access but you have to be very carefully reading it to catch the distinction.

I have no idea what happened. Today, i have restarted HA, and no Tuya Devices or Entities showing under Tuya INTEGRATION.

So I have change password to Tuya APP Android, also to IOT.TUYA and i logged again in Tuya Integration, and still no devices, is something wrong the the Tuya side or? …

I have tried, unlink Tuya APP under Cloud project, then paid again, it was success, i left AUTOMATIC Devices pairing and it shows me this:
Screenshot from 2024-02-04 13-15-19

If i select manual device linking, i got server error. Wut ? …

edit: Okay, it seems problem is described here: Tuya has no devices / entities anymore · Issue #109371 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

So it seems, no active IoT service subscription was ACTIVE… So, Need I to pay for this to work ? Am i right ?

The new integration does not need an IOT account any more. Install the 2024.2 beta or wait until Wednesday.

Thanks for the info. I am not all that technical and I have not figured out how to get to this new method. In Guthub I see that I am supposed to add pip3 install tuya-device-sharing-sdk How do I do that ?

only set your homeassistan to betachanel. Update to ha 2024.2b3 and after update and rebooting leave the betachanel…