PSA: Upgrading HA AppDaemon addon to 0.8.0 (4.2.0 AppDaemon) breaks AutoMoLi (fixed)

  • AutoMoLi 0.11.2 is not compatible with latest version of AppDaemon
  • This can be fixed by applying this pull-request

Unfortunately I only discovered the awesome app of Ben after updating AppDaemon to 4.2.0. After spending hours and hours on re-reading the (very good) documentation I thought I was going mental. I want to make sure that no other peeps will spend many hours on debugging this useful app after updating AppDaemon.

The issue that users were facing:

After upgrading to AppDaemon 4.2.0 (AppDaemon addon version 0.8.0) in HomeAssistant, AutoMoLi turns on all associated lights regardless of whether there is motion or not.

Whilst writing this topic, fortunately there’s already a fix in place. It probably won’t take long before Ben will update the application, but in the meantime you can apply the pull request that was created by fellow community members.

As soon as I applied the pull-requests, everything started working. And truth to be told: this app is such a time-saver if you’re having 10+ motion sensors that have to control 40+ lights.

I hope this post might save others of wasting hours of their time!