Public EV chargers implementation (request)

I was wondering;
Is it possible to implement the possibility to check out the status of an public EV charger?

In the growing market of Electric Verhicles and the use of (not widely available) public chargers at home or at work, the possibility of checking out if a charging station is free, occupied of broken is something I want to monitor.

Do I know how to implement such a thing? No… Probably with an API it could be not so complicated. But companies like Eco-Movement (, who offer such an API request to be a developer to get acces to their API.

Maybe there is a developer or somebody of Hom-Assistant who can contact such a company and get a general API-token??

I don’t know how to proceed, but wondering if somebody knows or does see a challenge in this idea.

I was just reading through the fine-print of eco movement. They hand out access tokens to developers only and “do not support personal or non-commercial licenses”. Also, they “charge a monthly license fee”.
So, I’m not convinced that this API would be suitable for a simple integration into HA.

Overlooked that… maybe somebody knows a “free” API??

I don’t know of any at present, at least not with international reach. The best database is probably Zap-map or Plug-share, but I think they realise the value of their data and charge for it…

I did once reverse-engineer bits of the Ecotricity API (UK only) and I’ve also explored OpenChargeMap, but I don’t think they have live data.

For now, I’m just happy that my dashboard shows my own charging status :slight_smile:


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