Public ip changed now unable to access frontend

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My problem is as far as I can tell cause by my ISP but I thought I would see what others say. I have HASSIO, with duckdns add-on. My ports are forwarded and my frontend has been accessible from anywhere for the last several months maybe years? Lost track of time. Anyway all was working until my public IP address changed. Duckdns updated the ip but I cannot access the frontend. However I know it is accessed. My home assistant companion app still receives notifications and Alexa still functions using HASSKA. On another note my VPN has also gone down. I can no longer access my network via VPN. As far as I can tell there is nothing in the logs.

Your computer/phone might have cached the old IP address, even though Duck updated it. It might not have asked Duck for the new IP, thinking the one it already knows is the correct one.

Try to connect using the IP address, not the Duck DNS name. If the IP works, you probably need to clear your computer’s DNS cache, so it’ll reach out to Duck for the new IP address.

Thanks for the response I tried that. Still nothing.

You can try to do a port scan of your IP address, to confirm the ports are actually opened and forwarding. Maybe when your ISP updated your IP, they also blocked/removed your ability to forward.

Here’s a web based scanner that’ll scan common ports and also let you specify a port

It’s possible your ISP blocked ports to prevent VPNs and other “server” services to prevent malware, at least that’s the reason they give. If that’s the case, you could call them to ask for the ports be allowed on your network. They should make an exception, since you’re specifically asking for it and it’s not malware.

It happened to me with my ISP blocking port 25. I asked them to unblock it and they did. However, I had to work my way up to level 2 support before they even understood what I was asking.

Regardless, the first step is confirming the ports are open/closed.

Yeah that’s what I am afraid of. I live in Ecuador and there can be a communication barrier. Even further my ISP does not let me have the password to their rented router/modem. I have to ask them to login and forward ports. I will try calling them. I am right now using Nabu Casa to access my server which seems to be woking just fine.

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