Public Transport Departure Monitor ÖBB

Check out my updated version of the ÖBB Monitor:

This is how you create your custom departure monitor card for public transport in Austria.

In this example I, want to see the next trains going from Wien Hbf to Wien Floridsdorf.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to Scotty, enter the name of your departure station and click “Display information”.

  2. Click the button next to “open it in a popup window”

  3. Copy the URL of the popup window

  4. Go to your Homeassistant Dashboard, create a new Webpage card and paste the URL.

  5. To get the monitor to only show the connections we want, we need to know the unique ID of the destination station.
    Once again, go to Scotty, enter your destination station and click “Display information”.

  6. Again, click on the button next to “open it in a popup window”.
    The unique station ID can be obtained from the URL in the popup window.

  7. Go to your Homeassistant Dashboard and edit the previously created Webpage card.
    Paste the stop ID from previous step next to “dirInput=”

Additional customizability:
The monitor can be customized by editing the URL.

  • additionalTime
    add lead time (minutes)

  • showJourneys
    number of connections displayed in the monitor

  • dirInput
    destination station ID

  • evaId
    departure station ID

  • productsFilter
    filter the means of transportation.
    0000000000001 RGJ
    0000000000010 ?
    0000000000100 BUS Regional?
    0000000001000 Tram
    0000000010000 U-Bahn
    0000000100000 ?
    0000001000000 BUS Kurzstrecke
    0000010000000 S-Bahn
    0000100000000 REX
    0001000000000 Nightjet / D / EN (Ausland)
    0010000000000 IC / EC
    0100000000000 ?
    1000000000000 RJ / RJX
    Example: productsFilter=1111110111011 → Show all means of transportation except buses

  • boardType
    dep or arr for departure or arrival respectively


Great work. Thanks a lot for these explanations. I was searching already on ÖBB‘s website for more details on filtering the results, but didn‘t find it. Thanks again Dave!

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After finishing this post I was working on a more visualy appealing monitor for Homeassistant.
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