Publish some datas from HA on a website?



I use HA for my home automation but also some weather stations and cameras. I’d like to publish some of these datas on my own internet website, hosted outside my LAN on Internet (wordpress based) but I don’t find an easy way to do that and none documentation about this. Any idea how to do that ? The best would be that HA pushes information to my website to reduce at maximum security issues or problems :wink:




Use the api.


You could use something like this (a bit exotic approach): Writting sensors' values to Google Sheets and then query the sheets

Other than that you can run a local script which queries the HA API and pushes your data via REST or as file (FTP) or directly to your DB (if it is reachable outside the hosting environment)

Or you could push the sensor change via REST but then you need to add an action for every sensor you’d like to push


oki but hoped for a more easy and ready solution than to implement a complete system for communication between HA and my website :slight_smile:

thanks but if I use HA it’s not to go back with GAFA :smiley:

Thanks for suggestion and ideas, but unhappy too complicated for me to implement ! I would prefer something more easy to implement :smiley:


No other ideas on how to implement that easily ? I’d like basically to share some weather variables from HA on my website (running wp !!) !



if you’re planning to publish it on your website, google’s gonna get it anyway, and why not if you’re making it public?


For heaven’s sake you have been given the answer, use the api.


Setup destination server to allow MySQL connections from your HA external IP address. Setup automation to run mysql update query against destination DB.

Can web host accept SSH connections from your external IP/CNAME? If so, setup scheduled shell script to pull data from HA via CURL