Published mqtt events not received by HA

Hello I publish mqtt events in python in form topic/parameter value, I do not send anything more. In HA I have mosquitto integrated and it works well with sensors for years.
Now HA does not see simple events published by python. I can see it with mosquitto_sub, so the broker picks it up correctly.
I think I need something more in order the HA to recognize new topic and register it for reception, is that right? How can I do it?

You need to manually configure an integration for each topic:

Hello I do not think manual configuration is necessary. I should be able to manually publish topic like this and create the device. It creally creates an entity, but not receiving values from litecoin/price.

mosquitto_pub -h IP -u user -P password -t "homeassistant/sensor/litecoin/config" -m '{"name": "litecoin", "device_class": "monetary", "state_topic": "litecoin/state"}'