Pulling hardware sensor data from Linux servers and posting them to MQTT

There are lots of hardware sensors in modern computers and I was looking for something that would read the sensors and post them to MQTT so I could monitor them and have the system react to changes.

I’ve posted the perl script to a git repo.

Here is the dashboard in node-red


Thanks for the share, there is too the existing snmp component in HA to retrieve datas from computer/network equipments (use it to get data from my router in HA :wink:

While it is true you could use SNMP, it is not something that is configured by default and the SNMP lm-sensors mib is an addon. It also requires direct connectivity between the HA server and the server you wish to pull SNMP from. I have a lot of experience monitoring and working with SNMP and can tell you that many seasoned admins struggle when asked to extend the SNMP MIB with added features. Don’t get me wrong, it works great when the MIB is pre-defined for a specific piece of hardware like a router but when using it with general computing equipment it becomes a pain.

Hi Joe.

Thanks for the script. Very useful.

For a complete package would you please post the node-red dashboard flow?

Excuse me Im still new to node-red and an not sure how to post a dashboard.

The dashboard you are seeing in the picture is just an mqtt read of the data put into a chart dashboard.