Pulse meter and tariff reading problem

this is more of a hardware issue but I’m hoping that maybe somebody had similar issue. I want to read pulses from my electricity meter (and it’s working) and also which tariff is currently used. For pulses there is standard red LED and I have no problem detecting pulses but for tariff there is green LED and it’s not detected by sensor. Any ideas for reading green LED would be much appreciated. Attached are photos of electricity meter and sensor case with sensors that I printed

As you give no clue as to what you are using to read, no useful answer can be given.

Red light is a different frequency to green. Whatever sensor you have is possibly only triggered by red frequency, but who knows with the level of info you have given.

Sorry I thought that it’s visible from picture. I’m using this modules. And I’m also guessing that wave length is problem.

Well you think I recognised one component from the million or so on aliexpress from a pic offering no info?

That aliexpress item has no info on the light freq sensitivity so is useless. No info on the photodiode unless you read chinese. But for that price it is not surprising.

I know for a fact that it’s not working. I don’t need confirmation for that or wave length that would confirm it. What I need is other sensor if someone knows that works with green LEDs. Thanks for taking your time to try and solve my issue.

I am using a simple photodiode and resistor as an analogue in to an ESP32 to detect light levels from a UV tube. You could then just trigger based on voltage.