Pulse_meter bug in v2022.3.2?


I had the pulse_meter running successfully until I upgraded to v2022.3.2 today. It was parsing 800 pulses per kilowatt correctly, showing a draw of 4.5kW from my water heater. Now it’s showing 45kW.

I didn’t change my code.

- platform: pulse_meter
  name: 'Water Heater - Power Consumption'
  id: sensor_energy_pulse_meter
  unit_of_measurement: 'kW'
  state_class: measurement
  device_class: power
  icon: mdi:flash-outline
  accuracy_decimals: 3
  pin: 35
  internal_filter: 100ms
    - multiply: 0.075
    - debounce: 3000ms
- platform: total_daily_energy
  name: 'Total Water Heater Power Consumption'
  power_id: sensor_energy_pulse_meter

Any ideas as to what’s going on?

I have the same isue