Pura | The World's Best Smart Home Fragrance Provider?

anyone tracking this little device that my wife ordered this week??? plz HALP! :slight_smile:


Watching… I’ve got one of these, too.

Same. Put it on IoT network and opened traffic to HA but nothing.

I just finished creating a custom component for it. Try it out, give feedback, and help me make it better!

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Nice! Thanks for taking the time to make this! :tada:

Looking at the code, this appears to rely on Pura’s “cloud API”, so if your internet service is down (for example) you’re still out of luck. I’d be interested to know if there’s the possibility of any local control.

Still, direct access to their cloud API is a huge improvement over having to use their app, which makes connections to sentry.io, segment.io, trypura.io, launchdarkly.com, shopify.com, gogander.online, mavenoid.com, rise-ai.com, facebook.com, facebook.net, cloudfront.net, googleadservices.com, googleapis.com, googletagmanager.com, etc. not to mention all the AWS stuff… (it’s bonkers how much network traffic their app generates… but sadly that’s also the majority of apps today.)

Yes, unfortunately it only works with their cloud service right now. I haven’t been able to figure out local bluetooth control. It appears their app doesn’t even do local control either (with the exception of the car diffuser) unless it is onboarding a new device.

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I noticed sometime last evening several entities became unavailable on all my defusers, like the nightlight controller, connected, away mode. Haven’t had any time to really dig into it.

Doh, I see a merge happened last night right after I went to sleep, installing now! Awesome project!

Thanks, Nathan. This is great!

What is ambient mode? I don’t see that in the first party app.

It looks like Pura is removing the option on V3 and newer models:

Thanks so much for this project! My wife got one of these and absolutely loathes the app. I wont go into too many details as to why, but she likes how it works. So with the project that you created, I put it into my HA so now can you just click one of our pico controls and it turns on, sets the intensity to 1 and turns off the light (that was the big one she hated that it always turned it on).

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