Purchasing GLEDOPTO Zigbee Controller RGBW RGBCCT 5 in 1 - Do I need smart LED Strip

Like the subject says, I’m purchasing a GLEDOPTO Zigbee Controller RGBW RGBCCT 5 in 1/ That sounds like a flexible popular Zigbee controller. But what about the LED strip lights? Do I need Zigbee strip lights, or is there even such a thing? Or does the Gledopto controller control the colours, brightness etc?

Anyone have recommendations, something they have paired up with the Gledopto controller?

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If you get this controller, your LED strip should be RGBCCT type led strip (6 connection lines). You do not need anything else than a zigbee coordinator on your home assistant server. Any RGBCCT strip from aliexpress or anywhere will work.

Thank you so much.

Hi ,

I bought one of these controllers. The model number is GL-C-002P. When scanned an added into home assistant I have this device set to RGB (Blue Light) on the controller.

The light appears and functions but there is no colour wheel. There seems to be several discussions around these devices but no additional info.

Any help or info woul dbe much appreciated. Im using ZHA

Ok, I have been doing some testing and have this working with a simple RGB Led strip (Red, Green, Blue)

1, Delete the device from the zigbee network.
2, Factory reset the device by holding down the Reset button for 5 seconds.
3, The device should reset to the white light status (RGB+CCT)
4, Add the device back into ZHA. This device will now be listed as GL-C-008P.
5, You should now find that the colours will change as expected. Colorloop does not work although I dont have an issue with this.

Hope this helps people out there with issues with this device.

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@chunk1970, thank you for this post. I was having trouble finding a RGBCCT controller that would work with Home Assistant. I would rather have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Mesh option because my Zigbee network is the least reliable of the smart device communication networks running in my home.

Have you continued having success with this controller? Have you found any other Home Assistant RGBCCT controllers?