Push bme680 data to MQTT then to Home Assistant

So I have HA on a raspberry pi in one room, and another pi in my main desktop room, which has the MQTT server on (Raspian) and I finally got the bme680 working. The bme680 pulls the data and is working correctly, but all the guides online I find involve the Raspberry pi with the bme680 on the pi which is on the same device as HA. That isn’t the case for me. My MQTT is on a different pi and so is the bme680. Now I have the MQTT forwarding data from owntracks which is also on the MQTT pi device, and forwarding to HA, and it works, but I can’t find documentation on how I could forward the bme680 over MQTT and have HA read it. That’s where I’m stumped.

I’m learning quite a lot about MQTT lately, but there’s still some holes of info I’m missing, such as what I described above to get it to work. Any help would be great.