Push button help please

I’ve been searching through posts without finding what I’m looking for, Sorry
I would like to use the Button card to switch an entity on for about 3 seconds, then off.
( its a solenoid controlled water spray to deter a troublesome cat , its bullying my two cats )I’m not sure what the “default action” is on the Button Card
the nearest config example moved to gihub and became very vague.
All I’m looking for is
on Button pressed call switch on service for the entity
wait 3seconds
call switch off service for the entity

Write a script and call that from the button.

Script location ? automations.yaml

Use the UI. It’s good these days.

Will end up looking like this, but with your switch (sorry, misremembered your handle):

Thanks , script in OK and it runs, but clicking on the button linked to the script just brings up another box and I have to click on “run”

OOPs my fault , I select default action and not toggle, toggle works

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Richard, thanks for responding to my post!
You have mistakenly marked my question as the solution while credit goes to @Troon