Push button / momentary wall switch and Zigbee module, how to?


I’d like to use a momentary wall switch (one that bounces back immediately after pushing, so more like a pushbutton), to control lights, together with a simple Zigbee relay (was hoping a simple Moes smart light switch module). I have two scenarios:

1: Momentary Switch → Zigbee relay → ‘normal/dumb’ light:

Every push just switches the current state of the relay and its power output, so from on/off/on/off etc. I suppose this would mean the switch would have to be seen as a button in HA? Or am I thinking wrongly? How would I be able to do this?

2: Momentary switch → Zigbee relay AND as a separate circuit (always on by connecting the L & N wires of the light behind the switch) Zigbee smart lights:

This would mean that touching the momentary switch does not toggle the output of power through the relay (as it’s not connected to anything else than the switch), but that it just should instruct the switch to communicate to HA that a light should change to the other state.

Finally, in scenario two, would it also be possible to dim the light by pressing the momentary switch for a longer period of time?

Would those things be possible with those standard relays?, and if so, how could I program this in HA?

I was able to get this zigbee switch module to work with a momentary switch in a no neutral configuration, your 1st scenario I believe:

ZBMINI-L Zigbee 3.0 Smart Switch- No Neutral Wire Required

I had some trouble with the early firmware making the device ‘sleepy’ in a no neutral setup, but I understand this has been fixed with new firmware. I have yet to test.

I think some of the Moes zigbee switches have the ability to set the relay always on, ‘disconnected mode’ I think it is called. I have worked with these.

Good hunting!

Hi, thank you. For the 1st scenario, I would use pulse mode right?

For the second one, would a Tasmota relay with switch mode 5 work? And how do I configure this in HA?

Yes, in the first setup with the ZBMINI, I did a command on the device to switch it to pulse mode. My steps:

Press the button on the device three times until the red led flashes 3 times. This will change the operation of the switch between the two options, rocker switch or momentary switch. It may take a couple tries to get the function to work.

And apologies on my second statement, I should have correctly said I have NOT yet worked with this type Moes switch. I have some Zigbee switches similar to the Moes on order, however they have not arrived yet. I do not know about your question on the Tasmota WiFi relay option.