Push camera with Tasker

I am having problem setting up Push camera with Tasker.

This is what I set in my Tasker…

Server:Port: https://[my HA URL]
Path: /api/webhook/myphonecamsnapshot
Data / File: DCIM/Tasker/frontcam.jpg (this file was created by another task)
Timeout: 120
Content Type: image/*

and this is what I have in my HA configuration…

  - platform: push
    name: Phone Cam
    webhook_id: myphonecamsnapshot
    field: data

Each time I trigger the task in my phone, I see this error in my HA log…

Webhook call without POST parameter <data>

From the error, the issue is with the field parameter in the HA configuration. I have no idea what Tasker is using as the parameter for the file data. I have tried the default image, data and file. All give me this error.

Any idea how to find out the parameter used in Tasker?

Did it already? worth looking into. Thinking bout
failed login attempt - send me an picture to HA and forward it to telegram for example.