Push friendly name upstream to zigbee2mqtt

For features such as showing the zigbee2mqtt network map in HA Zigbee2mqtt: show the networkmap in home assistant it would be great if HA friendly name changes could be pushed upstream to zigbee2mqtt so the network map also displays friendly names (and so those zigbee2mqtt friendly names are kept synchronised with HA friendly names).

zigbee2mqtt friendly names can be set via MQTT message https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/information/mqtt_topics_and_message_structure.html

This sounds like something that can be accomplished with a python_script. Iterate through all entities and publish each entity’s friendly_name, in JSON format, to the appropriate zigbee2mqtt topic.

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Thanks. It would be better if it was an integrated feature but I will explore the python_script approach and should be able to get something working.